Domestic Pest Control

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Domestic Pest Control

Pests are unsolicited guests:

Pests like cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, flies, mosquitoes, termites are often a menace at homes. Apart from the damage caused to health, they also sometimes cause damage to property. Residential pests are often hard to get rid of and keep reappearing once in a few months.

Pests affect childrens’ health:

Children at home are easily affected by pests. Adults have a better immunity system and may cope up with infections caused by pests but infants are the most affected ones. Carriers of lethal diseases: The most dreadful infections/diseases like H1N1, bird flu, dengue are often spread from place to place by pests. The pest problem in this case escalates to a critical one that needs to be addressed without delays.

Human-safe pest control:

PrudentPMP believes that pest control activity should eliminate 100% pests and at the same time ensure a little footprint on the environment. PrudentPMP selects chemicals used in pest control so that they are 100% safe on humans.