Professional Pest Control Management


Prudent Rodent Management

Prudent PMP understand the rodent behaviour, and use the knowledge to restrict rodent entry to premises. Our rodent control programs work on designing a defence mechanism around the premises to make your site less attractive to rodents in their search for food. The baiting program ensures that the rodent population in and around the premises are eradicated or put under control.

Rodentsare diseases carrying pests. Being very shy, they are usually sceptical of any changes in their surroundings. Being bait shy, they are quick to avoid any route that has created trouble to any of its mates. Living and breeding in filth, they are notorious for spreading of diseases as they forage through premises in search of food

Prudent Cockroach Control

Prudent PMP cockroach control program involves a rigorous understanding of the infestation profile of cockroach. After an intensive study of the cracks and crevices of the premises, various techniques like spraying, gelling, entry closure are employed to arrest the population and entry points of cockroaches

Cockroaches are notorious for contamination and the main cause for food poisoning, dysentry and also typhoid. German cockroach infest the kitchen or pantry areas, while American cockroaches breed in sewage and drainages, and are usually found in washrooms. Cockroaches are extremely tough creatures, very good at hiding and are prolific breeders.

Prudent Mosquito Control Program

Prudent PMP have a solid mosquito control program. Our solutions are aimed at bringing down the mosquito population around the premises. Our residual treatment does not repel mosquitoes but works on eliminating the female mosquito, thus bringing down overall infestation. Prudent PMP also has drainage, sewage and stagnant water treatment for controlling the growth of maggots.

Mosquitoes are dreaded for their disease spreading capability. Mosquitoes are vectors transmitting diseases like malaria, chickengunya, dengue etc. Mosquitoes are not demanding in terms of breeding area, and can thrive in minimal stagnant water. The presence of mosquitoes clearly have an impact on the low productivity of your employees

Prudent Termite Control

Prudent PMP provides pre-construction and post-construction solutions to protect the premise against possible termite attacks. Our protection logic is in destroying the termite colony rather than repelling the pests away. After completion of work, Prudent PMP provides a warranty on the protection of the premise.

Termites are the most destructive of all pests. These social pests work all day and night, throughout the year, eating up any cellulose material that comes their way. They work so discretely that you only feel their presence only after a major destruction of property has been done